Ailalec 2010 Timor Lestè (East Timor) is situated just off the north coast of Australia. It is one of the world’s newest countries and also one of the poorest. Australia’s history and connection with this small island nation has been long and at times profound. Whilst this country is so close to ours, the connection they have with us (especially during WW2) is not widely known.

Ailalec is a small, very remote village, situated in the hinterland of Timor Lestè. The goal of ‘Across the Timor Sea’ is to support the children of Ailalec. We recognize that a key to their future is a quality education, as do the Ailalec Council and parents of children in this community.


3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Maggie adams said:

    I was touched by your commitment to the people and the village after having read the article in today’s western Australian I don’t normally read it but because I came down for medical treatment and as we are heading home to Kalgoorlie received a free copy
    I wish you luck in your future endeavors regards from Maggie Adams.

    • Dear Maggie

      Thank you for your kind comments. As you can believe this journey has had its ups and downs not the least is trying to work out a new email provider. I also have an email deedee1@iinet.net.au that has been set up ten years ago to suit me, and trying to work out this Across the Timor Sea gmail has been pretty trying. Nevertheless I will get the hang of it.

      Do hope you continue to follow and enjoy this journey I am on.

      Cheers Jan

  2. Warren Paterson said:

    Hi my name is warren paterson I worked with Norm Nicolay in the CES in Perth We spent many a lunch hour walkingaround the city. I remember Norm saying with a wry grin that that kept him fit along with the occasional walk at Karakatta which I found out later referred to his passing comrades. Such a delightful man. I now fish with John Flanagan who is related through Marriage. Norm was a wonderful delightful man who I respected immensely without knowing what he had been through all those years ago. I will always remember that wry grin and the wonderful charm that he exuded. Truly a wonderful man. I now fish with John Flanagan who is related somewhere along the line Regards warren

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