ObjectivesThe objectives of ‘Across the Timor Sea’ are aimed at acknowledging the bond we have with this country. Not just that it is so close geographically to Australia, or so in need of our support economically, but also honouring that special relationship of ‘friendship and mutual respect’ forged there in the early 1940s.

These objectives are as follows:

  • Support Ailalec Primary School. (School Supplies, Sporting Equipment etc.) (Ongoing. Began in 2012).
  • Establish a Sister/Friendship School relationship between Ailalec School & WA Schools.
  • Establish a High School ‘Leavers’ Program.
  • Establish a Scholarship, in the name of ‘Nicolay/Baretto’, to further Higher Education for two students each year; a boy and a girl. (Ongoing. Began in 2012, with 2 recipients. Hopefully this will culminate in 12 students per year.)
  • Install a small plaque in Ailalec, in recognition of Norman Nicolay (Nick) & Domingos Baretto (Nicolof), to commemorate the 70th anniversary of their first meeting. (Accomplished in 2012!)
  • Explore avenues to support the above projects.


3 thoughts on “Objectives”

  1. Sandy Moran said:

    Dear Jan
    My name is Sandy Moran and I live in South City Beach!!! My husband John and daughter Samantha lead a dental team from Perth up to East Timor every year on a sort of Dentists Without Borders” program organised by Rotary. My job every year is to organise little gifts for the children for being so brave to go to the dentist even if it does hurt a little bit.I am wondering if you have any ideas of little gifts that the children might need that I haven’t thought of. I usually do colouring in books and pencils, bouncing balls;skipping ropes, little girl diaries and story books of a general nature(culturally compatible) etc.Also if you give me your email address I will send you a beautiful short movie Samantha and John made of their last trip that was presented to the Prime Minister recently.(His dad is a Rotarian retired dentist I think).
    Anyway well done-it was a lovely article in the paper.I look forward to any suggestions you may have
    Sandy Moran

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