How You Can Help

  • Support Ailalec Primary School, by donation of school supplies, sporting equipment, etc.
  • Support the ‘Nicolay/Baretto’ scholarship program. Tuition & accommodation for 1 month is $40 AUD per child. Tuition & accommodation for 1 year is $400 per child. Any contribution will make a difference.

ObjectivesHelpBank Details
Bank: P&N (Police and Nurses)
BSB: 806-015
Account Number: 01861295
Account Name: Jan Roberts

Paypal Email Address:

Hopefully, contributions will accumulate to enable Across the Timor Sea to support able students to complete their tertiary education, with the expectation that they will return to Timor Lestè and contribute to their community.

If you wish to learn more, please contact Jan Roberts by e-mail at or by mobile on 0468 328 585.


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