All at Across the Timor Sea are anticipating very important news from Timor Lesté.

  • Fernanda’s Final Year Graduation from St Francis of Assisi is soon; and she is planning to continue her tertiary education at Dili University. (Competition at Dili University is intense, because there is only one University in Dili; and there is a large number of students wanting entrance.)
  • Jonia is expected to complete her final year of Nursing; and Graduate with her Nursing Degree. (News of her progress will be exciting for Across the Timor Sea as she is she was in the first group of Across the Timor Sea scholarship students to Graduate from St Francis of Assisi School a few years ago.)
  • Domangas will be entering her final year at University in 2023, so we anticipate news of her progress.
  • We are absolutely delighted with News that Oscar has completed his Korean Language Studies; and very much look forward to news of his progress.