All at Across the Timor Sea are very aware of the importance of final year exams for students. We are also very conscious of just how important they are for students in Timor Lesté.

Fernanda (one of the final year Across the Timor Sea scholarship students attending St Francis of Assisi School), is expected to do very well in her final exams at school, as her performance previously has been excellent.

However, she will have to wait until February until it is known whether she has entry to University. (Competition for University entrance is extreme, because there are so many children wanting to go there.)

Oscar will be Graduating from his Language College where he has been studying Korean; and Jonia will be finishing her Nursing Degree. Domingas will be completing her end of the year school exams soon.

We at Across the Timor Sea congratulate them all on their hard work; and wish them every success in their final exams.