As supporting education has always been a priority for Across the Timor Sea, it is always pleasing for us to get updates regarding sponsored Students.

Especially since they have been dealing with so many hardships and challenges for many, many months. Not only COVID 19, but terrible monsoon and flood damage.

Jan was unable to travel to Timor Lestè in 2020 to update progress on Across the Timor Sea projects, and catch up with the many friends she has made there; and it looks like this year is going to be the same.

We so admire how people in Timor Lestè are managing; and especially so, after hearing about the progress of the 2019 Across the Timor Sea Graduating Students. They are a beaming example for other students.

Oscar, 2021
St Francis of Assisi School final year student ~ Year 12.

We wish Oscar every success in his upcoming final exams; and hope that he is able continue with tertiary studies in Dili. (As have Jonia and Domingas.)

We also hope that Tim will be there to mentor these students.  His guidance has really made a difference, and is so appreciated by us all at Across the Timor Sea.