Tim is such an extraordinary young man, who has been so helpful with Across the Timor Sea’s projects. We can’t say enough about the positive difference he has made.

The school Tim attended in Australia has had a long and supportive association with Timor Lestè; and after completing his Masters of Education he went to teach at St Francis of Assisi school, in Timor Lestè. The photographs and copies of student reports Tim sent us, enabled us to give valued feedback to Across the Timor Sea scholarship sponsors, which was greatly appreciated.

Whilst Tim was teaching at St Francis of Assisi, his Grandparents went there as well, to build a new laundry trough system. ~ A wonderful bonus for the school.

Even though Tim is now teaching in Dili, he has continued his association with St Francis, helping wherever he can. We also greatly appreciate his continued support of Across the Timor Sea projects in Ailalec.

In addition, he is mentoring former Across the Timor Sea students, who are now studying in Dili.

Tim’s support has enabled Across the Timor Sea to operate more effectively in Timor Lestè. His contacts, wisdom and advice have been so helpful and reassuring. His knowledge of Tetum has enabled us to communicate more fully with Ailalec Residents; and he can liaise for us when we are not there.

He is a very special person.

We are very thankful for support Tim has given us, in so many ways.