Though we have not had the amount of contact with and information from Timor Lesté that we have in previous years, what we have heard is reassuring. The Timor Lesté Government has been very careful it their approach to handling the threat of COVID 19; and though the Across the Timor Sea students had to return to their home village, they only missed two months of schooling. All returned to school, ready to finish off the school year.

         ~ We are waiting to hear how they went in their exams.

It is inspiring for all at Across the Timor Sea when we get news of Jonia and Domingas, who are preparing to continue their second year of Tertiary studies in 2021.  They were in the first group of Across the Timor Sea students to graduate from High School (in 1919).

We look forward to the start of the 2021 School year, when we will get more information about the progress of both groups of ‘Across the Timor Sea’ students.