News from Timor Lestè has been scant in the past few months, however all at Across the Timor Sea have been busy organising and sending goods to various organisations there, which we know are greatly appreciated when they arrive.

2019 Jpeg ~ CartonsAll at Across the Timor Sea would like to acknowledge the wonderful contribution over the past few years by Scarborough Rotary, supporting Across the Timor Sea in many ways. From the Quiz Night, transporting goods etc. With their help, Across the Timor Sea was able to outfit the remote village of Ailalec’s Kindergarten, which was built last year, as well as supply school equipment and stationary for both the Primary School in Ailalec and St. Francis of Assisi school (where the Across the Timor Sea scholarship students attend).

However, Scarborough Rotary DIK are no longer operating, so our conundrum as how to ship these goods was of great concern.

After many anxious months Laurie Fisher, Coordinator Donations in Kind (DIK) Melbourne Victoria, came to the rescue. If Across the Timor Sea transported their goods to Melbourne, DIK would ship them to Dili. This was a huge relief and was appreciated immensely, however there was still the problem of getting the goods to Melbourne.

Jay Shaw Director of Ne Solution Perth, was the saving grace. She arranged for Adllam Transport Company to transport the goods over to Laurie at DIK Melbourne. They were extremely proficient, helpful and on time.

Because of this wonderful support, over 93 items will be able to be transported (mid-April) to Timor Lesté, thanks to the chain of events starting with Jay Shaw, connecting us to Adllam Transport Company, who transported our goods to Laurie, at DIK Melbourne. THANK YOU All.

2019 Overlooking Village (Scenery)Because of the supporters help, we have been able to accomplish so much; and this help has made such a positive difference to so many people in Timor Lesté.