All at ‘Across the Timor Sea’ have always thought that education was pivotal to villagers of Ailalec being able to best manage progress and benefit from opportunities …….. on their terms. So, when the SANGORA Foundation made funds available for the construction of an early childhood centre (in 2017) we were extremely pleased, because we know a sound early start will make a great difference to each child’s progress throughout their schooling (as do the SANGORA Foundation).

Signing Contract for PP      Contract for PP #2                                     Signing the Contract, Ailalec Village 2017

PP Contract

The Early Childhood Building Contract

As with the student sponsorship program, we recognize that it is fundamentally important that Ailalec Villagers have a paramount role in the decisions being made. It was important for us, and the success of the project, to involve Villagers in the Planning, Construction and operation of the building.  The SANGORA foundation provided the funds for the materials and equipment for the construction, Across the Timor Sea facilitated when necessary, and builders from Ailalec Village were responsible for the construction of the building.

Start of PP

The start of the Ailalec Early Childhood Building
~ With roof construction materials being carefully stockpiled.

Progress has been slow, however there was great excitement when it finally started.

PP Construction

Beams being placed in position.

Roof Construction of PP Building

Roof Construction

Once started, construction of the building has progressed at an exciting rate and all at Across the Timor Sea have been delighted to see the skill and enthusiasm shown with it happening. We look forward to seeing how it is progressing (and reporting this progress to the SANGORA Foundation).