When last in Timor Lestè, Jan visited the Dili Rehabilitation Centre, as a representative for Scarborough Rotary Club, WA. It was one of the first things she and Brigitte did, before they went into the mountains to follow up on Across the Timor Sea projects.

The visit to the Centre was overwhelming. The work done there, with severely disabled children, is awe-inspiring.  The contributions made by Wheelchairs for Kids (sponsored by Scarborough Rotary Club, WA) have amazing results. Each time a wheelchair is donated, such care and attention is given to adapt the wheelchair to third world conditions, where they make a remarkable difference to the lives of children (and families) in great need.

Wheelchair #2

Families waiting for their visit.

Wheelchair #3

Such care and attention is given to each fitting.

Wheelchair #4

It is a very busy place, with much going on.

Wheelchair #5 9

It brings much happiness.

Wheelchair Photo

Each wheelchair is adapted to accommodate the needs of the child and the environment he (or she) is going home to.

All at Across the Timor Sea admire the work done by Wheelchairs for Kids (sponsored by Scarborough Rotary Club) and the difference they make to people from so many countries around the world.

As is Across the Timor Sea, Wheelchairs for Kids is an organization that is totally operated and funded by volunteers, and they have remarkable results.