In 2016, Across the Timor Sea was so appreciative when the SANGORA Foundation granted funds for the construction of an early childhood Pre-Primary centre for Ailalec Primary School, however the progress of this project has been slow.

In October 2017, there was a meeting at Ailalec Village with a gathering of stakeholders, which ended in the signing of a contract for the Project, which meant funds for the start of building were approved.                         Stage 1 of the Project could begin.

2017 Meeting for PP Building

Ailalec Village, 2017. Building Contract discussed, agreed upon, signed and ready to start.

Though Ailalec Village is remote, and there have been challenges along the way (such as monsoon rains restricting access) we do know residents of the village are excellent builders, as demonstrated by their previous work. Construction has started, and should be well on its way by the time Jan next visits Ailalec.

2018 Start of PP Building

Stage 1 of the Ailalec Pre-Primary 2018 ~ Happening at last!

As most projects undertaken by Across the Timor Sea have been focused on supporting education, particularly the Baretto/Nicolay scholarship for students from Ailalec Primary, we understand the importance of a good early childhood education, so we have great hopes for the future of this centre.