At the beginning of the new school year, each Across the Timor Sea scholarship student is given a backpack, which is packed with items to support their school year (plus a few small ‘extras’).

Because of the challenges in transporting them, the backpacks have to be sent many months before the start of the new school year, then held for the students until first term starts.

The presentation causes great excitement and delight.

Backpacks Jan 2018

Bags, containing Backpacks, ready to be presented to students (January, 2018).

Students with Backpack Bags

Across the Timor Sea students, holding the bags containing their backpacks.

In recent years, Trevor Canning (from Donations in Kind, Scarborough Rotary) has included these goods in the container they send to Timor Lestè, so it has been a great support and very much appreciated.

2018 Backpacks ~ packed , ready to go

Backpacks: Packed & ready to be transported to Timor Lestè, so they can be given to the Across the Timor Sea students in 2019.

Items included vary slightly from year to year, however Jan puts much care and attention into the job, trying to match the contents with her knowledge of the children.

It is an enormous relief to have this undertaking completed.