Education will always be a priority for Across the Timor Sea, and the construction of the new Ailalec Primary Pre-school building (funded by the SANGORA Foundation) has taken up an enormous amount of Jan’s time.

Jan's Courtyard

Jan’s Courtyard

Donated materials and equipment for this building had steadily accumulated in both Jan’s family room & courtyard, and the Donations in Kind (Scarborough Rotary) warehouse.



Loading the Container

Much effort, and the overcoming of many challenges, have been required for this load to finally be on its way.

Our thanks to Trevor Canning (Donations in Kind, Scarborough Rotary) for your support in this.


As the numbers of Across the Timor Sea students increase (10 in 2018), the older students are clearly able to support the younger ones. They are setting a fine example.     2018 Students Sitting

When Jan was last at St Francis school, one of the Across the Timor Sea students, Oscar, remarked  that one day he would like to be a Pre-Primary teacher. Father Nico (Principal of St Francis) said that he could attend the teaching classes that are run each Saturday morning for would be Pre-Primary teachers in the area.

This augurs well for the Ailalec Pre-Primary in the future.


Oscar, 2018

The Pre-Primary School at St Francis of Assisi is run very well by Sr. Leonilde Ximens, and is an ideal example of what Ailalec PP can strive for.

PP at St F JPG

St Francis of Assisi PrePrimary