The Donations in Kind (DIK) wing of Scarborough Rotary have been a tremendous support for Across the Timor Sea, and we can’t express our thanks fully enough. No more so, than with the help they have given to enable a Computer Lab to be set up at St Francis of Assisi School in Timor Leste’.  It has been wonderful for ‘Across the Timor Sea’ to simply be a conduit for this project.

2018~ Chairs being unloaded   Chairs fo the Computer room being Unloaded                       Chairs for the Computer Room being unloaded.

Computers being set up.   Computers being set up.

IT teachers are setting and fixing the computers.2018                                                 I.T. Teachers preparing the room.

2018 Computers MG-20180224-WA0000Teachers learning how to use the Computers.

Students working on Computers       Students with Computers                        Students working hard at their Computers.

The importance of being able to access a computer, and learn how to use one, is huge. The skills gained are immeasurable.

Across the Timor Sea is profoundly thankful to all who enabled this to happen, particularly Donations in Kind, Scarborough Rotary.