Whilst the scholarship program to support the secondary education of two Ailalec students each year will always be the priority for ‘Across the Timor Sea’, Jan has been the conduit of a remarkable array of donated goods.

Jan’s family room ……… Full of donated goods for Timor Lestè.

There is a great need for these goods, however transporting them to Timor Lestè has always been a great challenge. When Trevor Canning (from Donations in Kind, Scarborough Rotary) offered support, it was an enormous relief. As Donations in Kind, had a container of goods heading for Timor Lestè, they were willing to transport Across the Timor Sea’s goods as well.

The lorry loaded with the goods, headed for Timor Lestè.

Another Project that Across the Timor Sea has initiated, is the building of an Early Childhood Education Centre at Ailalec Primary School, with the donation of funds for the construction of the building by the SANGORA Foundation. This was a dream for Jan, because she fundamentally believes in the importance of education, and that a good early start is vital.
Because Ailalec is so remote, progress on this project has been slow, but with Max Bird (from Kwinana Rotary Club) mentoring, Jan was able to negotiate the contract with the Village Council, and plans are now in place for the building to go ahead. Max’s experience and advice was invaluable and gratefully appreciated.