‘Across the Timor Sea’ first began, to honour the bond of mutual respect and friendship that was formed between Norman Nicolay (who was then a young Australian 2/4th Commando) and a much younger Nicolof (Domingos Baretto), who was his creado (Timorese Helper).

Though both of these men are no longer with us, a few years ago, Jan met the sister of another WW2 creado (Douglas), who still had very clear memories of the time the Australians were in Ailalec (her home village) during WW2.

During her last visit to Timor Lestè, Jan was able to again meet up with Douglas’ sister.
Though old now, she is a remarkable woman, who has lived through so much.

Douglas’ Sister

Douglas, Circa 1943

Douglas (who was ‘creado’ to the 2/4th Commando C.O. Major Mac Walker) endeared himself to the Australian Commandos in East Timor during their time there in 1942/43.