2016 was another busy year for Across the Timor Sea, and 2017 looks like it is going to be busier! Whilst the sponsoring of students will always be a priority, other connected projects have also taken an enormous amount of time and energy.


Many boxes and bags of donated goods again filled space in Jan’s family room and overflowed to the courtyard. With our great gratitude, they were cleared by Trevor and his team, however they are starting to build up again. Jan has been the conduit for such amazing support from a remarkable group of people. Items such as computers, printers, books, sewing machines, materials, ‘Days for Girls’ and school equipment, as well as backpacks for the eight scholarship children attending 2017, have been received with enthusiasm and gratitude. The items received, really make a difference.


We are in awe of Trevor and his team. Trevor has only a few workers,but they manage to help so many people and have such an impact.    20161122_114850_resized

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Loading the container was exhausting work.20161118_121644_resized

Done. The container is ready for shipping to Timor Lesté.


The backpacks, for the 2017students, that were safely stored by Fr. Nico, should soon be presented to the ‘Across the Timor Sea’ students. When Jan was in Timor Lestè last year she was delighted with what she saw when she visited St Francis of Assisi School. Father Nico, as the new principal, has had a really positive impact and the school has a vibrant, energetic atmosphere.