Our association with ‘Days for Girls’ has resulted in such worthwhile outcomes.

In remote parts of Timor Lestè, women and girls are sometimes unable to participate fully in activities at certain times of the month, so Jan was delighted to discover what ‘Days for Girls’ were doing to help women in similar situations around the world. They provide packs that enable women and girls gain access to quality sustainable feminine hygiene. (They are superbly made.)

The packs allow the girls to attend school at all times of the month, and women to fully participate in activities.

Days for Girls

‘Days for Girls’ have given bags of their packs to ‘Across the Timor Sea’ which have then been shipped to Dili, then Ailalec and schools in Timor Lestè.


Trevor Canning (Rotary International Co-ordinator for Donations in Kind, Perth), Daryl Mills and Judite Martin (both of Rotary International, Dili) distributing the ‘Days for Girls’ packs and other items.


Penny Hooper (the WA Coordinator of ‘Days for Girls’) has expressed delight in feedback showing how successful the receipt of the packs has been in Timor Lestè, understanding the difference they have made.