On visiting Ailalec village last September, Jan was surprised and delighted to see nine water pumps installed there. This eliminates the need for villagers to walk kilometres to source water, then carry it back to the village.

This was a BESIK project ~ a project of cooperation between the Australian and Timor Lestè Governments. A committee of villagers was chosen to oversee the construction and maintenance of the system. This policy gives the villagers a sense of ownership and pride.

What really impressed Jan, was the care taken with both the pumps and gardens. Each of the pumps had a fence around it and families in the village are rostered to use and care for them. Vegetable gardens are springing up around houses, which augers well for their general health.

September 2015_1September 2015_2September 2015_3

The BESIK sign (Water Project).

September 2015_4An overall scene of the village, with a pump fence showing just to the right.