Jan’s third trip to Timor Lestè was in September/ October, 2012.

Before travelling there, she was able to send goods in a Rotary container, which was headed for Dili as well. Transporting goods to Timor Lestè is a problem, so Jan was thankful to be able to do this.

~In the container, Jan had 27 boxes of items intended for Ailalec.


After what seemed at the time immense barriers, it was a great relief and pleasure for them to finally arrive in Ailalec.

Jan was gratified to be able to deliver the materials intended for the village.


Timor 2012 3

As 2012 is the 70th anniversary of Australia’s WW2 action in Timor, and September is the 70th anniversary of her uncle’s arrival in Ailalec, Jan felt it was important to recognise the special bond of friendship and respect, formed between Domingos Baretto (‘Nicolof’) and Norman Nicolay (her Uncle Norman~ ‘Nick’.)

Jan had a brass plaque made.

-An example of what can be constructed.

Materials and instructions were left in Ailalec to construct a small concrete Checkers / Chess board. At first they thought the side of this would be a good place for the plaque to be embedded, however villagers suggested that a more respectful position for the plaque would be required.

Much consideration was given to just where it should go, however Domingos Baretto’s brother was adamant that the right and proper place would be near the Banyan tree, as that is where the 2/4th had their headquarters.

Jan was gratified to learn that even though he must have been young, he remembered her uncle, ‘Nick’ (Norman Nicolay) and the Australian 2/4th Commandos there in 1942/3.

During her visit to Ailalec Jan was able to establish the Baretto/Nicolay Award.

Two academically able & learning focused students (a girl and boy) were selected by the Ailalec Council and Ailalec Primary Principal to be the first recipients of this award.


Timor 2021 6