Jan first went to Timor Lestè in 2010 and made contact with Nicolof. He was then very old, but memories of his time as criado to ‘Nick’ and their friendship were strong.

On her return to Perth, Jan came to realize that her uncle felt just the same.

Since that trip, both Domingos Baretto and Norman Nicolay, passed away… Within months of each other.
~ Both with the knowledge that their friendship had been remembered and honoured, after all these years.

It was a special bond of friendship and mutual respect.

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Not only did this trip confirm her understanding of the special bond we have with both this country, and in particular Ailalec, Jan was made aware of their wish for higher education for their children.

Overriding this, they are extraordinary people, who still exemplify the qualities that led to the special bonds formed between them and our WW2 soldiers, in 1942.